everis joins consortium of the borders of the European Union

Global consultant everis and European consultant Sopra Steria recently signed a framework contract with the European agencies eu-LISA and Frontex for the development of the Transversal Engineering Framework (TEF).

The consortium’s objective is to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the computer systems responsible for the control and management of the European Union’s borders and migration, contributing through technology to make Europe more secure.

The contracts for the development of the Transversal Engineering Structure were awarded to several companies with multiple framework contracts, including the everis consortium with Sopra Steria.

The choice for integration in the consortium represents an opportunity to expand the collaboration of companies, which is attributed to the reopening of specific tenders to improve and develop information systems for European security, border management and migration.

The framework contract, valued at 187 million euros, brings together the expertise of agencies and companies with cutting edge technology. The main activity of both agencies will continue to focus on improving the implementation of EU asylum, border management and migration policies and on cooperation between different bodies to monitor and analyze movements at the borders, with the consortium having the role of supporting a new vision and a long-term plan for the European Union.

In this context, the consortium composed of everis and Sopra Steria will be one of the main players in the Public Security sector, and will be responsible for the designation, development, testing, configuration and implementation of all the processes of the Central Operations System, and also for the interoperability of the structure and delivery of all necessary components and collaboration with other companies.

The objective is to ensure that the newly developed system is properly integrated and tested, regulating collaboration with other parties, should a reopening of the tender be granted to this consortium.

The choice of everis for the consortium also reinforces its position as one of the main players in eu-LISA’s transversal supply chain, continuing the collaboration and service provision started in 2017 and which is now expanded with the development of a long-term solution for the operational management of large-scale IT systems in the European Union’s border management.

José Luis del Amo, eu-LISA Business partner at everis says: “It is a great pride for everis to contribute to the new strategy of eu-LISA and Frontex with regard to the development of information systems for the coming years.

I am convinced that the consortium will bring high quality services to support the ambitious plan that eu-LISA and Frontex are devising and that aim at the same objective, helping Member States to better manage and control their borders, ensuring necessary safety and efficiency in these processes.”

The creation of the Transversal Engineering Structure, developed by the European agencies, will also support and guide the development of new systems such as ETIAS and the European Research Portal, as well as all interoperability components, creating an innovation ecosystem that, taking advantage of full of the potential of technology, will boost and increase safety and efficiency across Europe.

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