EXCESSO release a video clip for “Eu Sou Quem (Rework – Live Session)”

On the day they returned to perform together in front of a room full of audiences, EXCESSO also released the EP Live Sessions (Rework 2023) which brings together four of the band’s most successful songs in the 90s.

“És Loucura”, “Até Ao Fim”, “Não Sei Viver Sem Ti” and “Eu Sou Quem” gained a new “outfit” that greatly pleased the group’s fans who have been listening to this new work in loop on digital platforms .

The videos have also been able to “repeat the nostalgia” of all those who continue to yearn to see EXCESSO live and cross their fingers that the group continues to give concerts. “Eu Sou Quem” is thus the last videoclip to come out of this EP and already available on Youtube.

After the warm reception at the concert in Lisbon, by a crowd that demonstrated that they never forgot their songs, EXCESSO are now preparing the great show at the Super Bock Super Bock Arena – Pavilhão Rosa Mota, in Porto, on the 17th of June.


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