Exhibition by Nuno Paulino highlighted at Casino Lisboa

Numerous visitors to Casino Lisboa have already seen the exhibition “Peixes com Alma”, by Nuno Paulino. With free admission, this original individual exhibition of 14 sculptures can be seen, until 30th July, at the Art Gallery.

[dropcap]”[/dropcap]Pisces com Alma emerged from the need to escape the meticulousness of my other activity as a custom rodbuilder. I needed to release everything that my imagination was constantly creating, to feel free, to create without restrictions.

In all the sculptures the woods I use are parts of artisanal fishing boats and that’s why I call them fish with soul, the boats have a very rich history full of adventures, victories and defeats and when they reach the end of their cycle they are simply abandoned . This way I can perpetuate the life of these boats that if they could talk a lot they would have to tell us. At the same time, it is a way of paying homage to all fishermen and the difficult lives they lead.

The pieces are designed at the moment, without measurements, without plans, they are the other part of the soul, mine. They all wander in my mind waiting for the best moment to show themselves. The pieces made for this particular exhibition were made during a troubled moment in my personal life and each one of them shows the feelings I was feeling, passion, anger, sadness, frustration, joy, disappointment and much more, but above all they are pieces full of soul made with lots of love.
-Nuno Paulino

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