Exhibition “Ch(ama)” by Filipa Oliveira Antunes at the Casino Estoril Art Gallery

The Art Gallery of Casino Estoril will host until the 11th of February, the individual painting exhibition entitled “Ch (ama)”, by Filipa Oliveira Antunes. Admission is free.

“Ch(ama)” is the second solo exhibition by Architect Filipa Oliveira Antunes at the Casino Estoril Art Gallery. Filipa Oliveira Antunes returns to working with colours, the horizon, the infinite and the veiled stories that are discovered in a longer look at each of his works.

The Art Gallery houses about 20 canvases that evoke architectural elements of symbolic or poetic reading, such as The Bridge, The Stairs, The Window, The Wall, The Pier, The Lighthouse, The Temple, The Arch, The Portico or The Fountain.

Ch(ama)” appeals to the imaginary of memorable spaces, affections and dreams that we want to achieve.

The individual painting exhibition “Ch(ama)”, by Filipa Oliveira Antunes is open to the public, until February 11, every day, from 3 pm to midnight. Admission is free.

Access to the Casino Estoril Art Gallery is free, and from 10 pm, it is exclusively for those over 14 years old, and for those over 10 years old when accompanied by their parents.

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