Exhibition in Macau celebrates the “diversity and balance” of lusophony

Macau welcomed Friday an exhibition of paintings celebrating the “diversity and balance” of artists, techniques and themes of the Portuguese-speaking world.

“What we try to do every year is to bring [a Macau] a diverse set, a collective with an artist from each [Portuguese-speaking] country,” explained José I. Duarte, responsible for curating alongside Lina Ramadas.

In all, there are nine artists represented in the exhibition, each with three original works: Dila Moniz (Angola), Graça Tirelli (Brazil), Hélder Cardoso (Cape Verde), Hipólito Ismael Djata (Guiné-Bissau), Lio Man Cheong Macau), Graça Costa (Mozambique), Alfredo Luz (Portugal), Kwame Sousa (São Tomé and Príncipe) and Gelly Neves (Timor-Leste).

“We seek to find significant works of the work of those artists, different artists every year, in this context of diversity so that the exhibition is diversified and balanced,” said José Duarte.

Integrated in the annual series ‘Bridges of Encounter’, the exhibition of Portuguese-speaking painting will be open between October 12 and November 4 at the Macau Military Club.

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