Exhibition of Pedro Costa in Serralves “will amaze the public”

The deputy director of the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art, Marta Almeida, believes that the exhibition “Pedro Costa: Company”, which opens today and brings together works by the Portuguese director in collaboration with other artists, “will amaze the public.”

“As always, Serralves has had crowded rooms and I think that, in this case, it will be surprising because the museum has undergone a great restructuring and remodelling, a staging that will amaze the public,” said the official. In an exclusive visit to the media, Marta Almeida said that this installation forced a very complex work of lighting, assembly and modification of the spaces, which, a few hours after the opening of the exhibition, was still being finalized.

“Serralves is transformed to show cinema. The exhibition was drawn in great collaboration of the architect José Neves with Pedro Costa, and counted with the collaboration of Marta Mateus and Andy Rector, a film critic close to Pedro Costa, who is producing and design a specific piece for this exhibition, “he said.

For the deputy director of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Serralves, this exhibition “is a trip on the work of Pedro Costa and those who accompany it”, where you can see collaborations of several artists and also 24 excerpts from films in the history of cinema, as well as the filmmaker himself.

The work of Pedro Costa, who exhibits in Serralves for the second time, is for the person in charge “a permanent dialogue with the artists and the characters of his films”, so this exhibition is the fruit of this joint work, which was called ” Company’.

Asked about the opening of the competition for the post that has occupied since the resignation of João Ribas, Marta Almeida said that there is not yet a date, not saying whether the contest will be launched before the Founders Council in December, where it is decided to continue or not of the current Board of Directors of Serralves.

Marta Almeida stressed that she is “focused on the implementation of the program”.

With the architecture of José Neves and coordination of Filipa Loureiro and Marta Almeida, ‘Company’ opens today at 10:00 p.m., and on Saturday at 9:30 p.m., it has a session that joins the films ‘O Nosso Homem’ (2010) Horse Money ‘(2014), by the filmmaker.

Presented by Pedro Costa himself and the deputy director of the National Museum of Reina Sofia Art Center, João Fernandes, the short film ‘O Nosso Homem’ precedes the film that earned him the Golden Leopard for Best Performance at the Locarno Festival four years ago.

The exhibition, open until January 27, 2019, includes various artistic expressions, from paintings to sculptures, drawings, books and other documents that dialogue with the cinematographic work of Lisbon, and guided visits designed to fit the various references count with names like Joaquim Manuel Caetano, Melissa Rodrigues and Marta Mateus.

Among the prominent names in the life and work of Pedro Costa are Pablo Picasso, Robert Bresson, António Reis, Jeff Wall or Jean-Luc Godard, with Chantal Akerman, Jean-Marie Straub, Danièle Huillet, Paulo Nozolino or Rui Chafes, as collaborators at the exhibition.

In addition to the sessions, Serralves also organizes several guided tours, inviting figures related to the work and the shows, such as commissioner Nuno Crespo, director João Dias, art historian Joaquim Manuel Caetano and sculptor Rui Chafes – the latter on December 1, at the close of the program.

Next Sunday, a book about the filmmaker, authored by Carlos Melo Ferreira, in a partnership with the publishing company Afrontamento, will be presented at Livraria de Serralves, which presents itself as the “cartography of the work of a unique contemporary filmmaker”.

Born in Lisbon in 1959, Costa studied History before becoming a filmmaker, making his feature film debut in 1989 with ‘O Sangue’, five years before ‘Casa de Lava’, selected for the Festival de Cannes.

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