Expansion Culture Program in Porto starts with Dead Combo

The 2020 edition of the Cultura em Expansão program, in Porto, kicks off on February 28 with the Dead Combo and promises 46 free shows until December, in 22 locations, with another main hub than in 2019.

The program, founded in 2014, intends, in its seventh edition, to continue the strategy implemented in 2019, which focused on three main poles: the Campanhã Parish Council, the Miragaia Musical Group and the Residents Association of the Bairro Social da Pasteleira – Pension / Torres.

This year, according to the press dossier released today, the objective will be to consolidate the work done in the past and to create a new hub in the Bouça Residents Association.

The program, which crosses several disciplinary areas – cinema, dance, music, theater and performance -, presents a total of 46 projects in 72 rites, taking to 22 locations in the city of Porto names of the national artistic panorama such as Clan, Dead Combo, JP Simões, Lena d’Água, Lula Pena, Mariana Tengner Barros, Insole Dentada, Pedro Marques, Raquel André, Experimental Theater of Porto, Três Tristes Tigres, Vânia Rovisco and Vera Mantero, among many others.

There will also be a reinforcement in projects involving different communities in collaborative artistic work, with 12 residency projects with initiatives and authors such as Blind Zero, Frankão, Ondamarela, Rafael Alvarez, Rui Catalão and Tânia Dinis.

The start of the seventh edition is the responsibility of the Dead Combo, who perform at the Residents Association of Pasteleira Torres Vermelhas as part of the tour that marks the end of the band.

From the schedule for 2020, in April, highlight the show JP Simões & Amigos “Canções de José Mário Branco and other Cantigas de Abril”, which will take the stage on the 25th.

The singer, composer, lyricist, storyteller and playwright, presents a special show for the 25th of April where, accompanied by a band created for the occasion, will interpret songs of his own and also explore other songs of April and beyond, highlighting them a tribute to José Mário Branco.

In July, we also highlight the project “Cozinha (s)”, created by Teatro Experimental do Porto (TEP), with artistic direction by Catarina Barros, which is associated with several musical moments throughout the program of Cultura em Expansão, putting in scene five different creators.

Starting from a scenario that is a fully functional and mobile kitchen, they will occupy the space, in turn, and create small original shows. The project, which takes the stage at the Residents Association of Pasteleira Social District – Previdência / Torres, culminates with a show that brings together the five monologues at Parque da Pasteleira.

Also noteworthy is the street show “O Sete Pecados Mortais”, by Ricardo Alves, which results from the collaboration between the Teatro da Palmilha Dentada and the Teatro Independente de Paranhos, on stage on the 3rd, 9th and 10th of July.

This year’s Cultura em Expansão also counts on the initiative “Campanhã é my Casa”, a collaborative project that takes place on July 17, August 28 and September 25, and which aims to bring the parish of Campanhã to the big screen.

Residents of the parish will be challenged to share their collections of films and family records that will serve as the basis for the realization of three short films by the directors Cláudia Varejão, Edgar Pêra and Sónia Amen.

On October 9, Vera Mantero presents two of the solos that have marked a career spanning more than three decades.

From the program set for the month of November, the highlight is “Guanche”, a cine-concert by Legendary Tigerman and Pedro Maia, with Íris Cayatte, part of the homonymous film that portrays a journey that begins at the top of Madeira Island and ends at the Ocean Atlantic.

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