Expensive Soul celebrate 20 years with a new album and concert at Altice Arena

The Expensive Soul will mark a 20-year career in 2019 with a concert at the Altice Arena in Lisbon in November and a new album this spring, told one of the band’s members.

We are going to do this special concert on November 23, 2019, we will officially celebrate these 20 years of a career that we have never done in our own name, the biggest stage we have in Portugal,” told New Max.

Although it’s still a year before the concert, New Max, who with Demo forms the Expensive Soul, already guarantees that it will be “a special night“.

It’s a big step for us and we are going to celebrate with our family, which is all of Portugal. Let’s try to fill the pavilion,” he said.

On stage will be “beyond the usual 13 musicians, a numerous choir, with many voices“, and a broad blow section, “normally there are three and there will be eight to ten.

We’re still putting on the show, but our idea is to tell the story of the 20s, to spend a little bit of all the records, and maybe have some video component too, so people can see what happened in these 20 years, how it started and in what step we are nowadays, “said the musician.

The Expensive Soul joined in 1999, in Leça da Palmeira, in the county of Matosinhos, but the band’s first album, ‘B.I.’, would only be released in 2004.

They followed ‘Alma Cara’ (2006), ‘Utopia’ (2010), which includes the theme ‘Love is Magical’, and ‘Dreamer’ (2014).

In the year they celebrate 20 years, comes the fifth album, which has already been released a theme: ‘Limbo’.

The new album, with ten songs, “is going to be a shorter record than the others.”

Usually, they have 13, 14, 15 songs, but we wanted something smaller, so people do not pass songs, they’re all good. Ten, but good,” New Max said.

The album “is still under construction, goes halfway” and should be finished “until February” to come out “in March / April“.

Still, without a name, the new work of the Expensive Soul will have the same sonority as ever.

Regardless of whether we go a little more rock or soul or funk, the Expensive Soul has a very own thing and this looking back – our first single was a reggae song ‘I do not know’, the third single on the third album was already a song completely soul and people identify as Expensive Soul, “said the musician.

The album “is going to be another Expensive Soul album, with the joy and happiness” that the band is “living nowadays“.

We’ve been living music for 20 years and that gives us a lot of happiness and we like to get this on the records and we get this out, both in concerts and in-studio music,” he added.

Tickets for the concert at the Altice Arena on November 23, 2019, will go on sale from Friday.

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