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Rock in Rio Lisbon

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From António Felix da Costa to live acts, themed booths and incredible prizes – including a car! – that’s the new Ferris Wheel at Rock in Rio Lisboa.

There are 24 booths of pure fun and lots of music, with the best view of the City of Rock: unique scenarios alluding to the world of entertainment – ​​such as Back to 90’s booth, Fifty, Dance, among others; tailor-made playlists run by passengers; surprise travel companions; activations; and raffles with prizes that also include backstage visits, meals at Continente Chef’s Garden, rounds of beer, among others.

The fun will start before boarding, at the Pisca Pisca Hall, where a Pink Carpet is set up and where live acts will take place with DJ’s, including the pilot António Felix da Costa, and other performances and flash visits by some of the TikTokers of the moment.

The best view of the City of Rock is even more incredible with the new Ferris Wheel PiscaPisca.pt – the latest partner of Rock in Rio Lisboa. There are 24 new booths that promise a Fun’N’Roll experience where there will be no shortage of fun or, of course, lots of music. Ready to embark on the most fun trip to Rock City?

Synonymous with good times and memorable stories, the Ferris Wheel has always been one of the most sought after attractions by visitors to the City of Rock. In the next edition, it gains a greater prominence and presents itself as a point of contact for the various “conversations” of the festival, being able to address in its booths themes such as entertainment, inclusion, plurality, environment, cities of the future, digital inclusion, among others.

The Ferris wheel will be one of the highlights of Rock in Rio. We have no doubt that it will generate a lot of conversation among friends, who will want to know what happened in your cabin. It comes with a super unstable environment, just the way the public likes it most, while still making relevant conversations and reinforcing the importance of music in our lives” says Roberta Medina, Executive Vice President of Rock in Rio.

Let’s Fun n’ Roll
At the new Ferris Wheel, the party starts right in line, where the “passengers” are led through an access corridor which, in addition to a pink carpet, will be animated by DJ’s, including the already confirmed António Félix da Costaformula driver and ambassador of PiscaPisca.pt, which debuts his musical skills at Rock in Rio Lisbon. Some of the tiktokers of the moment will also pass through this hall, such as Constanza and Alex Rafael who, together with other names, will promote moments of interaction with the public.

Upon arrival at the cabin, the fun only increases and it will only be at this moment that the public will know what awaits them inside, as the new Ferris Wheel includes 24 cabins with different experiences, fully decorated with themes related to the world of entertainment. In the PiscaPisca.pt booths there are two Disco, dedicated to Dance Music; two Tropical, where the soundtrack is Latin; two that travel to the Fifty decades, where the star is Rock ‘n’ roll; two Back to 90’s, with lots of Pop Music; and two totally dedicated to Portuguese music – Tiro-liro-liro. In each of these, passengers will be able to take control of a personalized playlist and choose the music they want to listen to, in addition to being able to compete for incredible prizes, including a car. In addition, to perpetuate the moment, passengers will have at their disposal a tablet through which they can take pictures and send them directly to their email address.

But the surprises do not stop there and the lucky ones who find themselves in one of these booths may be surprised with “flash visits” by well-known names to the public such as the Portuguese D.A.M.A., with whom the public will be able to share a “walk around the Wheel”.

PiscaPisca.pt shares the DNA of Rock in Rio: music and experience. If Rock in Rio is more than a festival, the PiscaPisca.pt search engine is also more than a platform, positioning itself as an advisor to consumers when buying and selling a used car, promoting innovation and trust and accessibility to everyone – whether car experts or not. But it’s the attitude that unites us. PiscaPisca.pt broke with the traditional way of communicating in this sector and is an inclusive brand, which ‘talks’ to everyone, in a simple, uncomplex and, above all, fun way, seeking to bring joy and fun to everyone. Portuguese and thus also contribute to building ‘a better world’”, explains Paulo Figueiredo, Director PiscaPisca.pt.

In addition to the ten PiscaPisca.pt booths, in the Rock in Rio booths, the decor will also be breathtaking and the soundtrack needs no introduction. Onboard these cabins, travellers will also be able to compete for prizes, including backstage visits, meals at Continente Chef’s Garden and rounds of beer. And for the sensory experience to be complete, all cabins on the wheel will have their own fragrance, helping to refer passengers to the imagination in question.

There is still more news to be disclosed, namely more awards and interactions, but one thing is already certain: this will be an unforgettable experience, eternalized in thousands and thousands of photographs and unrepeatable fun moments.

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