ExpoBairrada hosts Oliveira do Bairro in July with tickets at one euro

Rui Veloso, Ana Moura, Carolina Deslandes, Agir and Quinta do Bill are the heads of ExpoBairrada, an event with tickets to one euro, between July 03 and 07 in Oliveira do Bairro.

Espaço Innovação is hosting the industrial, commercial and agricultural fair organized by the municipality of Oliveira do Bairro, with the motto “to make known what is best done in the heart of Bairrada”.

“After the new dynamics implemented last year by the municipality of Oliveira do Bairro, the 2019 edition of ExpoBairrada maintains its commitment to the corporate component of the county and to the environmental aspect, at the level of sustainability of the event itself, with improvements in distribution and location of the various exhibition spaces, restoration and recreation, “explained today at a press conference, the autarchy led by centrist Duarte Novo.

In addition to the musical programming, which also includes the rapper ProfJam, in addition to various DJs and local bands, ExpoBairrada serves as a showcase for the gastronomy of Bairrada and especially for the wine culture and vineyards of Bairrada, highlighting the region’s famous sparkling wines demarcated. The daily ticket costs only one euro.

“The new signature of the municipality, ‘In the Heart of Bairrada’, now takes center stage in the event that highlights the heritage of the county and the region, such as the ceramic industry, agriculture, oenology and gastronomy, returning to the origins and traditions of the region , economic, cultural and ethnographic, “explains the leader of the executive.

The fair has three stages, relying on a tent of sparkling wine and a reinforcement of the dining spaces, which are now 15, explored by associations of the county of Oliveira do Bairro, “where you can taste the most traditional aromas and palates of Bairrada “.

“The pavilion will be occupied by exhibitors primarily of the business fabric of the county of Oliveira do Bairro. Associations and institutional entities will occupy the outer space, next to the tent where the concerts will be held,” explains the local authority.

As is traditional, the stage for the artists of the county, “in its most traditional and symphonic aspect, will be located next to the restaurant area, thus creating an environment conducive to families can taste the dishes of Bairrada while attending concerts and performances of musicians and dancers of the “house.” Through this stage, they will pass fadistas, groups of songs, philharmonic bands and folkloric ranches.

ExpoBairrada was able to obtain the environmental certification “Sê-lo Verde 2019”, guaranteeing to finance for the development of measures of valorization and promotion of environmental responsibility.

It is also an EcoEvent, through the partnership established between the Municipality of Oliveira do Bairro and the company ERSUC. In this context, the company will offer to the exhibitors bags for the selective collection of recyclable waste. At the end of the event, the weight of all collected waste will be reversed in monetary value, which will then be delivered to a social solidarity institution of the county.

Of the various initiatives, we highlight the provision of reusable glasses to all visitors, delivered at the entrance, eliminating the use of disposable plastic cups at the fair, and the provision of portable ashtrays for smokers, as well as the placement of tall outdoor ashtrays in several points of the Innovation Space.

The municipality of Bairradino also emphasizes the availability of drinking water points/drinking fountains for public consumption for visitors, and the installation of green toilets at ExpoBairrada, with the inclusion of roofs and evaporative green façade, and the main use of materials per hundred natural products such as cork.

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