Exhibition “Beyond the Plastic” featured at Casino Lisboa until May 31

Casino Lisboa welcomes, until May 31, the exhibition “Beyond the Plastic”, from Antonieta Martinho’s authorship. This original individual shows of two-dimensional and three-dimensional painting works can be contemplated in the art gallery. The entrance is free.

“Life as we know it is impossible without the existence of water, be it salty, sweet, drinking. The first forms of life on the planet arise in the ocean that provides important resources for human society. Ocean exploitation increased considerably, as well as pollution with non-biodegradable materials such as plastic,” says the author Antonieta Martin.

For the realization of this exhibition, I gathered and I used bottles and bottles. I tried to take advantage of them and show them in a different plastic language. In addition to the referred plastics, I also used a recyclable plastic derivative that is copoliester, can replace plastic or glass items in domestic utility products given that it offers transparency and is heat resistant and various chemicals, which guarantees The maintenance of the color and brightness of the utensils even after several washes. In addition, it is considered ecofriendly, that is, it reduces negative impacts and damage to the environment due to its greater durability. Handling this material since 2016, currently being support for my pieces, “explains the author.

The “The Ocean”, Patent Installation “Beyond The Plastic” is essentially a composition of several two-dimensional and three-dimensional painting works that interact with each other, which establish a dialogue and trying to integrate into the expositive area, the theme Ocean.

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