Exhibition “Granito – 60 years of Rock’n’Roll in Castelo Branco” on until September 19

“Granito – 60 years of Rock’n’Roll in Castelo Branco” is the title of the new exhibition on display at Galeria Casa Amarela and Sala da Nora, until September 19th.

The show, part of the celebrations of the 250th anniversary of Castelo Branco’s elevation to city, celebrates six decades of Rock culture, with references to more than 140 bands and hundreds of musicians, who span generations, from the beginning of the 60s of the last century to the nowadays.

Two complementary exhibition centers provide an immersive experience and a journey through the history of Rock ensembles and groups, from the founders Cometas Negros, to the renowned Nortons or the most recent Wakadelics.

At Casa Amarela, the central nucleus is evident, with a route guided through the bands during the period in which they were heard, illustrated with photographs and period documents, more instruments and iconic garments or objects that had direct intervention in the personal or collective journey of these artists.

In Sala da Nora, a complementary exhibition dedicated to the aesthetics of Rock music communication through the ages, with an exhibition that results from an exhaustive collection of posters.

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