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Exhibition “Soldados da Paz, no feminino!” patent in the Praça do Município in Ponta Delgada

The exhibition “Soldados da Paz, no Feminino!” is on display in Praça do Município, as part of the commemoration of the 142nd anniversary of the Humanitarian Association of Voluntary Firefighters of Ponta Delgada (AHBVPD).

The theme of the show is, as the name implies, the Woman Firefighter. On display are 30 photographs by the young amateur photographer Mário Fragata.

Employee of the Municipality of Ponta Delgada, as a gardener, Mário Fragata was born in Mosteiros, but has lived in the Ginetes for several years and has a great passion for photography and Civil Protection.

The photographs were taken as part of the commemoration of International Women’s Day and aim to make known some of the firefighters who make this their mission in life: Life for Life, the Good of Humanity.

According to the Mayor of Ponta Delgada, “the photos shown here are a deserved and fair tribute to the women who collaborate with this Association which, over the years, has known how to keep up with social and cultural changes, eliminate barriers in accessing it. activity and integrate diversity”.

Despite the progress made in promoting gender equality, ingrained habits of resistance to the promotion and respect for non-discrimination on the basis of gender persist today, which is why it is not only the responsibility of the public authorities, but also the institutions and organizations of society civil society, continue this work” – he stressed.

Maria José Lemos Duarte added that “Ponta Delgada was one of the first municipalities across the country to sign a cooperation protocol with the Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality, in June 2019, at the origin of the Municipal Plan for Equality and the Non-Discrimination of Ponta Delgada 2020-2023”.

Through this structuring and indoctrinating document, we assume, for example, the commitment to contribute to the prevention and correction of the disadvantages of women in the labor market, promoting their greater civic participation, as – it must be emphasized – the protagonists set a good example of this exhibition” – he underlined.

Meanwhile, the President of the AHBVPD, João Paulo Medeiros, said that the exhibition intends to mark, in a different way, the 142 years of the association.

This is a world of permanent availability of service, on behalf of others, of dedication and dedication to the community. Fortunately, it is no longer an exclusive mission of men, and women today play, through their own merit and capacity, a place where equality, companionship and above all humanism prevails in the relationship with the other, with the weakest”.

Still on the author of the exhibition, it should be noted that he was able to capture the essence of the mission spirit of some of the women Soldiers of Peace of the Humanitarian Association of Voluntary Firefighters of Ponta Delgada.

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