Exhibitions at the Graça Morais Contemporary Art Center

“Tribute to António Mega Ferreira - Linhas da Terra/ The Blue Eyes of the Sea” and “Graça Morais. The Rituals of Silence”

The Municipality of Bragança, through the Graça Morais Contemporary Art Centre, will inaugurate on the 16th of February, at 6 pm, two exhibitions – “Homage to António Mega Ferreira – Linhas da Terra/Os Olhos Azuis do Mar” and “Graça Morais. The Rituals of Silence”.

The first is a tribute by the painter to António Mega Ferreira, where she recalls a friendship that lasted almost 40 years. The second is the result of an immersion in the painter’s ateliers, where many of the drawings, paintings, and photographs came from, many of them unpublished and others long kept. Both will be open until the 18th of June.

February 16th to June 18th, 2020

Graça Morais dedicates this exhibition to António Mega Ferreira.
“I treasure the book Linhas da Terra, which António Mega Ferreira wrote in 1985 at the invitation of Vasco Graça Moura, the first book dedicated to my painting – the beginning of a great recognition of my work. I also fondly remember the meetings in Sines in 2005, which gave rise to the wonderful book Os Olhos Azuis do Mar. I preserve in my memory, with affection and gratitude, the privilege of knowing a unique man who intellectually and artistically enriched this country. I imagine him talking with Dante, Camus, and Proust, with all the great writers, thinkers, philosophers, and artists, in long conversations full of humor and curiosity about the world. Remembering the wise words written and spoken, and praising a beautiful friendship of almost 40 years.”

February 16th to June 18th, 2020

Focused on the theme of ancestral rites that unite Man and nature, this exhibition brings together works that revisit basic themes in his work, linked to the claim of his origins: the village, the harsh mountain landscape full of contrasts, the rural world marked by natural cycles and by the cadence of practices and rituals resulting from the close coexistence between Man and Nature. It results from an immersion in the ateliers of the painter Graça Morais, true treasure chests where many of the drawings, paintings, and photographs are preserved, many of them unpublished, others for a long time. The exhibition is curated by Joana Baião.

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