Expozoo: Let’s make friends among the animals. You are invited

The biggest exhibition of the animal world of the country will return to Exponor, on January 12 and 13, 2019. This year’s big news is that dogs will be allowed to enter the premises with various activities designed for four-legged visitors.

The 13th edition of Expozoo – Exhibition of the Animal World, scheduled for 12 and 13 January 2019, promises many novelties for lovers of the animal world. A highlight will be a special moment of sharing, where visitors to the fair will be invited to bring their dogs so that they too can meet the new trends of the pet food and pet care industry.

The faithful friends will be able to enter the event in the morning, between 10 am and 12 am, and it will be necessary to present, at the entrance to the site, the bulletin of vaccines and electronic identification, as well as proof of rabies vaccination valid at the date of the event. It is also mandatory the use of a leash and the use of hygiene kit.

Exponor becomes a true zoo for two days, hosting more than 600 exotic animals including reptiles, birds, meerkats, turtles, fish and more than 400 animals of various species, breeds, and origins, from farm animals to pet. In addition, the event is a true showcase of new products and services for animals, with more than 85 exhibitors, experts in food, clothing, accessories, pet grooming, health, and animal welfare.

In this edition, more than 36,500 visitors are expected, who will also be able to attend the various events and parallel activities, such as parades, competitions, and skills contests, in which four-legged visitors can also participate.

In parallel, Exponor also receives the 88th and 89th Northern International Dog Show, organized by the Portuguese Caniculum Club. About 5,000 dogs are planned, half a hundred of which are accompanied by international breeders, who compete among various categories according to age and gender.

From north to south, the country is becoming increasingly pet-friendly, with several places like restaurants, hotels and shopping centers allowing entry of animals since the adoption of the law in May this year. According to a GFK study of 2015, it is estimated that in Portugal there are about 6.2 million pets. Dogs represent 36% of the total and are favorites of the Portuguese, followed by cats (22%), birds (10%) and fish (4%).

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