Fábia Rebordão, Buba Espinho and Luís Trigacheiro complete the Santa Casa Stage poster

The Santa Casa Alfama festival takes place on September 24th and 25th, and the Santa Casa Stage has already completed its poster with Fábia Rebordão, Buba Espinho and Luís Trigacheiro

The Santa Casa Alfama maisis back for another memorable edition. In the next days, September 24th and 25th, Alfama will receive the great Fado festival again. In an edition in homage to Carlos do Carmo, the proposals presented so far for the Santa Casa Stage are unmissable: Camané, Sara Correia, the young Miguel Moura and also the great Concert in Homage to Carlos do Carmo, with the voices of Camané, Gil do Carmo, Maria da Fé, Marco Rodrigues, Paulo de Carvalho, Ricardo Ribeiro and Sara Correia.

The poster for the Santa Casa Stage is now complete with Fábia Rebordão, which brings her new album, and a concert that brings together on the same stage two of the most promising talents in Portuguese music, as well as friends, Buba Espinho and Luís Trigacheiro.

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