Fabiano de Abreu presents new book “Filosofia da Educação Infantil”

In the middle of the return to school, the Portuguese-Brazilian philosopher, neuroscientist, and journalist Fabiano de Abreu launches a book dedicated to current childhood education with a focus on combating dispersion. The work “Filosofia da Educação Infantil” addresses techniques and views on the current behavior of children and how to arouse their interest in knowledge.

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]fter seven contemporary works that approach philosophy in a practical way, Fabiano de Abreu launches his eighth book, available in e-book format on Amazon (Kindle) and Google Books. By the end of the year, the writer plans to produce ten digital books, totaling 14 in his career.

In the work “Filosofia da Educação Infantil“, the author sought to address methods that encourage the child’s will to learn, reducing child dispersion in order to create more knowledge and implement a study culture.

Fabiano de Abreu considers philosophy as the mother of subjects, a precursor in education and in the awareness of the need for knowledge, and can contribute to better mental health.

“It is in the philosophy of education that we have to look for the adaptation to the teaching method according to the time, because changes happen, they are part of our evolution and we have to shape education according to our evolution”, he says.

During the pandemic, Fabiano de Abreu produced three works with advice to deal with the quarantine: “7 deadly sins that philosophy explains”, “Romanticizing philosophy” and “Philosophy of behavior”.

The books sold will be distributed free of charge to those who cannot afford to buy them. The works are part of the “Knowledge for all” project, in which the author tries to bring knowledge to as many people as possible.

“A society with knowledge, in addition to maintaining a healthy mind, also favors better living and is aware of what is necessary for better well-being”, he points out.

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