‘Fábrica de Nada’ boosts Portuguese cinema show in Brussels

The discovery of the film ‘The Factory of Nothing’ became the ideal pretext for the New Cinema in Brussels, to dedicate, from Thursday, it’s programming to reveal the work of Pedro Pinho and the Portuguese producer Terratreme.

The posters that ‘hawk’ the exhibition of ‘The Factory of Nothing’ is glimpsed in the innermost corners of Brussels, announcing the retrospective of the Portuguese producer Terratreme that the Belgian public can discover in the New Cinema between January 10 and March 3.

New cinema is a cinema/discovery room. More than author / independent cinema, we choose films that are not in the commercial circuits that are not distributed. Our role is to reveal to the public what they can not see in theatres We waited for the film to reach the halls here in Belgium, and, as it did not happen, we decided to move on.

The award-winning film is the headline of the special program of that hidden room in the heart of the Belgian capital.

We discovered ‘The Factory of Nothing’ at a film festival in France, and almost a year later we reviewed it in Brussels, at the Cinéma Documentaire – Filmer à tout Prix, when it won the UNIVERSCINE prize for best international film,” explains the director and programmer of that room.

Breës, who was one of the three jury members who chose the Portuguese film as the winner of the Belgian festival award, describes it as “a very interesting film that crosses several records, from fiction to documentary, not to mention comedy.

“We were very curious about the process of making and producing the film,” he recalls. When diving in the process of creating Pedro Pinho, Breës came across Terratreme, “a very interesting collective”.

The discovery widened the focus of attention and that which would be a sample of the films of the award-winning director was spread to the catalogue of the film producer created in 2008 by a group of young filmmakers.

We contacted them, they made their catalogue available to us, we saw the films, we selected the films we loved and wanted to exhibit, The second criterion was the quality, either of the film itself or of the form, “he says.

Conditioned by the limited space of the small Brussels cinema, Breës wanted to present “a mixture” of what the public can find in Terratreme: “documentaries, fiction, but also short films, films by men and women.” “We tried to make it a representative and extended panel of the producer’s estate,” he adds.

Critics’ Prize at Cannes, the film opens on Thursday the New Cinema show, in the presence of Pedro Pinho.

The first projection of ‘One End of the World’ (on Friday), ‘Bab Sebta’ (on Saturday) and ‘The Cities and the Exchanges’ (Sunday) will be followed by a conversation with the Portuguese director, with the shows to include an exhibition of posters of films and concerts.

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