Fábrica Nortada marks first anniversary with a week of celebration

The home of artisan beer made in the heart of Porto and with pronunciation from the North, marks its first anniversary of opening to the public on February 15, with a set of activities aimed at the lovers of this drink, which extend over a week.

Between February 13 and 17, Fábrica Nortada will have tastings, tours, a workshop, a brewery dinner and several entertainments and events with free entry, such as concerts and the very popular quizzes. You will not miss the special decoration and the traditional birthday cake on Saturday.

Celebrations kick off on Wednesday, the 13th, with the Free Quiz Pub, a quiz game that challenges the general culture.

The next day, during the Happy Farm, the Nortada fines of all styles cost only € 1.00. It will be possible to combine the beer with the various food options normally available at the brewpub.

Friday will be marked by the first Brewery Dinner held at Fábrica Nortada, with a special selection of four beers that will harmonize perfectly with the delicious menu chosen, consisting of an entrée, a meat dish, a fish dish, and a dessert. This dinner, which will begin with a visit to the Factory, is compulsory and costs € 40, accompanied by Mestre Cervejeira da Nortada, Diana Canas, the first Portuguese graduate of the prestigious German school VLB. At the end of the day, the Red Rocks Band will play the Rock’n’Roll classics, including names like AC / DC, Audioslave or Guns N ‘Roses.

On Saturday afternoon, specialists from Nortada will be at the disposal of visitors to guide them through the Factory, in order to show the entire brewing and brewing process, as well as the history of the brand. It will also be possible to participate in the guided tests, with technical explanations. These activities will cost € 6. Towards the end of the day, there are three free musical proposals. Ricardo Cavalera, in an acoustic concert accompanied by his guitar, The Beetoes, tribute band to The Beatles and Ivanossauro DJ Set to end the night with a lot of energy.

Sunday will take place a kitchen workshop, mandatory registration and with a cost of € 25, which will tell all the secrets of how to cook good vegan food with beer. Participants will develop some dishes that they can taste later. The festive weekends with a jam session, where drums, guitar, bass, and keyboard will be available for everyone who wants to join the support band to practice, create, experience and play live.

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