Facebook celebrates Eurovision Song Contest with new features

This year fans from around the world will gather around the Facebook family of Apps to talk and interact with the Eurovision Song Contest 2019.

With the largest community of entertainment fans around the world using its services, Facebook and Instagram are some of the best platforms for users to join a global audience at cultural moments and events – and this year Facebook wants to people to take advantage of these events. Since March 15, Facebook has recorded more than 9 million Eurovision interactions – and the competition has just begun!

New features and interactive products to enhance this year’s celebrations include:

Eurovision Watch Party with exclusive videos: Facebook’s video platform Facebook Watch includes exclusive behind-the-scenes and warm-up scenes in the run-up to the May 18 final. Facebook will also receive 16 new videos, each lasting 6 to 8 minutes – including highlights of the opening ceremony, quarter-final recaps, backstage scenes, artist interviews and more – giving users the opportunity to approach as it proceeds. People can create a Watch Party with their friends, or in a group, and discuss in real time as the action unfolds. You can also follow the official Eurovision Song Contest page to add it to your Facebook Watch List and track each new video as it is published.

Supporting your favorite performance or country: To celebrate the Eurovision festival Facebook offers users the opportunity to support their country in a new and fun way. People can access an AR Eurovision filter (eg attached) to share their fan status with the flags and colors of their favorite artist or performance. All pages and people will have access to this filter to create content appropriate to each delegation – users will be able to click and choose the chosen country, with the filter to turn them into the star of the event, including animated effects of microphones and confetti.

Become a star and sing “Euro Pop” with Lip-Sync: Lip Sync Live makes it possible for users to use Facebook to express themselves with real-time music. It is also possible to access the lyrics of songs that the user is synchronizing. All you have to do is choose a “Euro-Pop” hit from Facebook’s list of songs and get into the spirit of this year’s competition.

Approach action: Approach the action by following a creator of Facebook and Instagram participating in the Final Live: Creators and influencers from around the world will be meeting at Eurovision for the 2019 competition by sharing videos, photos, and highlights of the event itself in their profiles and in their pages. Users can follow them on Facebook and Instagram – like Luke Cutforth and Riyadh Khalaf – as they make direct, post videos and interact with their fans.

Join a group of Eurovision fans: Facebook has some of the biggest fan groups at the Eurovision festival in the world, with users sharing their favorite moments, information and comments on each performance as the competition unfolds. Groups like the Eurovision Song Contest – Fans Club or Eurovision Diary are places to take part in conversations with other fans.

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