Facebook launches Porto guide made by the city’s communities

Facebook has launched the Porto Communities Guide with the support of the Porto City Council, through the Economy, Tourism and Trade Department. The Porto Communities Guide are the recommendations of 22 communities present on the platform that selected how and where to go through the city, through Pages and Groups dedicated to each specific subject, from gastronomy to philosophy, among others.

Last year, with the support of the Lisbon City Council, Facebook launched the Lisbon Communities Guide. A year later, the social network chose Invicta to celebrate communities, with stories of the people we see daily roaming the city, who join other Porto people on Facebook to share common interests and meet in person.

These communities are part of the more than 1.4 billion people who use Facebook Groups each month and connect to share interests and concerns, find support for causes and be part of activities that have a really positive impact on our lives.

Porto is a city in a moment of particular boiling, a tourist spot acclaimed by the world and at the same time, a space with a complex social and urban history.

This day-to-day dichotomy is reflected in this guide, which presents communities fervently dedicated to forgotten history and those looking for new spaces that are changing the city’s landscape. This guide aims to show Porto through this experience, divided between past and future, a current perspective of the city with historical context.

Among the communities present in the guide, who recommended Porto spaces and experiences according to their interests, we highlight:

Fill Voids
Joana de Abreu has a mission: to preserve the street tiles. The method is simple and effective. Through artistic interventions, it fills the empty spaces in the facades with new tiles and phrases from Portuguese writers. By drawing attention to the small details that surround us, we hope to raise awareness of the city’s heritage.

Porto Missing
The enthusiasm for history, the traces of time, led Manuel de Sousa to create this community in 2012 and, just a year later, to receive the Municipal Medal of Merit by the Porto Council. The community was born from the conviction that the best way to understand the city we live in is through knowledge of history.

Sara Martins and Rita Duarte have an active voice in the vegetarian community. Through street actions, lectures and Facebook, the two friends spread the practice of veganism in northern Portugal. Today they also fight for animal rights inviting everyone to try the Vegetarian Challenge.

Porto Philosophical Club
Tomás Magalhães Carneiro, from the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Porto, Tiago Sousa, from the University of Minho and Rui André Lopes, from the Polytechnic Higher Institute Gaya, decided to create an association for those who share a taste for philosophy. Reflecting on the urban origin of this art, the ambitious goal of the Club is to bring philosophy closer to the city.

Miguel Bombarda Simultaneous Openings
Miguel Bombarda Street is a vital artery of the city, driven by art galleries and alternative commercial projects. In 2007, these spaces decided to unite in partnership with the Porto City Council in the bi-monthly events “Simultaneous Inaugurations of Miguel Bombarda”. Ana Alves da Silva deals with the communication of these events and is responsible for transforming this once-forgotten street into a vital artery.

Wine, know how to taste!
There are no bad wines, there are different palates. Defending him is Duarte Costa Pereira, Agricultural Engineer and Postgraduate in Oenology. In addition to sensory tasting supervisor, he is a winemaker. In his free time he shares his knowledge on the “Wine, know how to taste!” Page.

The Porto guide brings together some of the best tips and recommendations for getting to know the best-kept secrets of the city, developed with unique and inspiring content by those who know it best, the local Facebook communities themselves. Whether you are a local, visiting or looking to relocate to the city, the Facebook Communities Guide is the ideal partner to discover Porto through the eyes of those who live and know the city better.

The Porto guide is available at and at various tourist spots in Porto.

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