Factory of the arts cycle program ‘The head between the hands’ on the brain

Curiosity, fear, loneliness, conscience, all this fits in the human brain and in a cycle of shows and workshops that the Fábrica das Artes, the educational service of the Centro Cultural de Belém, program for the next three months in Lisbon.

[dropcap type=”default”]E[/dropcap]ntitled ‘The head in the hands’, the cycle begins on the 23rd and will continue until March with an extensive program of music, theatre, workshops and an exhibition on the brain, starting with an illustrated book and three questions, as told the programmer of the Fábrica das Artes, Madalena Wallenstein.

The core of this cycle is an exhibition created from the book ‘Cá dentro’, written by Isabel Minhós Martins and Maria Manuel Fonseca and illustrated by Madalena Matoso. It is from this that various pathways associated with neuroscience and thought are structured.

If we think about it, it is ironic (and even comical) that the organ that makes us what we are – beings who think, dance, invent, who are moved and cry or who are capable of laughing – responsible for all this, is a weird and greyish mass, rolled like a walnut and textured next to a mushroom: a brain, ” reads the first pages of the book, edited in 2017 by the Tangerine Planet.

Throughout the book, the authors also leave questions and answers about the relationship between the brain and happiness, about food, sleep and pleasure, about artistic and motor abilities of the human being, reveal how the brains of some animals work and present facts and myths associated with “one of the most complex and mysterious structures in the universe“.

In the Fábrica das Artes, the book is mainly converted into workshops for all ages, music, visual arts, visual arts, creative writing and philosophy.

“I wanted to start from three questions: What happens to us when we read a book? Why do we lose track of time when we play? How do we create memories of a new landscape? The exhibition has three entrance doors and we choose the question we want to follow. and then unfolds into many things, “said Madalena Wallenstein.

Rita Pedro and Dina Mendonça, from the area of Philosophy, will hold a philosophy workshop for over eight years, about emotions, mind and memory, Ana Rita Fonseca and Patricia Correia, connected to the neurosciences, will dedicate a workshop for teenagers to talk about consensus.

Madalena Matoso prepares a plastic arts workshop for all ages that presents itself as a collective installation that will grow as spectators participate during the quarter.

Also noteworthy for a “neuro-gastronomic” workshop for adults, led by Patrícia Correia and Marina Garcia to “taste different foods and understand how the brain can make tastings”.

The cycle will also count with two moments of music and theatre, both orders of the Factory of the Arts, both in debut.

From the children’s book ‘The Little Book of Fears’, which Sérgio Godinho wrote and illustrated, the CCB invited him to make a concert ‘for all childhoods’, with fear as its central theme. On stage, from March 8 to 10, Sérgio Godinho will have the pianist Filipe Raposo and the production of the image with director André Godinho.

On March 28, the play “The Bubble“, a creation of the collective The Possessos, by João Pedro Mamede and Catarina Rôlo Salgueiro, on alienation and adolescence, is released.

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