‘Fado América Latina’ will take place digitally through Facebook

In this year of 2020, which celebrates the centenary of the birth of Amália Rodrigues, the Fado Festival Latin America, will take place digitally, in a very special edition, through the digital platform, Facebook.

The date is set for October 6, the day the artist left us. The Fado Festival will be broadcast from the Casa Museu Amália Rodrigues, in Lisbon, and will feature 3 renowned artists, a conference and the presentation of a film. All of this at the same time for several points in Latin America.

The festival is already present in 14 major international cities, in Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia, and on October 6, it will have its debut in digital format in Mexico.

For the first time in streaming, the festival will showcase a series of activities where the centenary of the greatest Portuguese artist of all time, Amália Rodrigues, is celebrated in the scenario where she herself lived most of her life.

It is in this context that Cuca Roseta, Fábia Rebordão and Sara Correia will present the commemorative concert. The program also includes Professor Rui Vieira Nery’s lecture and the screening of the film “Art of Amália”, by Bruno de Almeida.

Sara Correia

“Entire Fadista” is how Sara Correia defines Amália Rodrigues. A major reference, Amália inspired the young fado singer on the path she has traced until today, in all its aspects. It is in Amália’s delivery, in her charisma, in the unique interpretation that she reviews herself and made her repertoire a compendium in the early years of her career. Anyone who sees her perform live, soon realizes this inspiration, because Sara breathes fado from the moment she steps on the stage.

It is with this delivery that he proposes, in this show, to return Amália Rodrigues to the stage. Do, through yourself, that enchants audiences around the world again. Do, through yourself, return to the essence of what you have always done since you were very young, go back to the root.

Fábia Rebordão

It is unanimously considered one of the reference voices of the new fado.

Cousin of Amália Rodrigues, Fábia begins to sing regularly in fado houses. Since then, many consider that the singer “has the same hurt in her voice as Amália”.

It now presents itself to the public with a renewed image and energy in the year of the release of its third album of originals.

In the new show by Fábia Rebordão, some of the themes of the new album and emblematic fados by Amália Rodrigues will be addressed. In a year of commemoration of the centenary of Amália’s death, the presence of a moment of tribute to the greatest voice ever of fado would be essential.

Cuca Roseta

It is one of the most acclaimed and applauded voices in Fado. His voice and enormous talent have won over many of the world’s most important audiences.

After five albums edited, among which the production signature of Gustavo Santaolalla or Nelson Motta stands out, Cuca Roseta is now editing a disc and a show entirely dedicated to Amália Rodrigues.

More than a tribute by Cuca Roseta to the greatest voice of fado, it is above all a personal thanks to a woman and a work that, from the first moment, became a fundamental foundation for her artistic growth as a fado singer.

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