Fado and flamenco cycles at Casino Estoril

With a wide range of cultural proposals, Casino Estoril offers, in March, an extensive program of musical entertainment in Lounge D. From Wednesday to Saturday, cycles of fado and flamenco shows will be highlighted, as well as various performances by artists. that favour rock, pop, soul, r & b and even several DJ sets. Admission is free.

Fado Cycle on Wednesdays
With a new cast, the fado cycle continues to stand out, on Wednesdays, at 10 pm, in Lounge D. Different generations of performers take the stage to present compositions well known to the public. With very different styles, the fadistas will be accompanied by Diogo Lucena Quadros on guitar, Luís Roquette on viola and Francisco Gaspar on bass guitar

The program starts on the 4th, with Carlota Faria Blanc and Luis Caeiro, followed by Catarina Rocha and André Vaz on the 11th. Maria Vicente and João Guiomar perform on the 18th, while Maria da Nazaré and António Passão operate on the 25th of March.

Cycle “Festival Flamenco Casino Estoril” on Thursdays
With an expressive success registered in previous editions, the “Festival Flamenco Casino Estoril” returns, on Thursdays, from 10 pm to Lounge D. Three shows are scheduled that will be starring exquisite flamenco performers.

The renowned dancer Lucía Ruibal will be the protagonist of the Opening Gala scheduled for March 5th. The program continues, on the 12th, with the Sevillian Rafael Campallo, considered one of the best dancers today. The Closing Gala is reserved for March 19, with pianist Pedro Ojesto and dancer Pol Vaquero awaiting with natural expectation.

MT80 concert
Lounge D receives, on March 6, at 11 pm, the MT80. “We Rock The ’80s” is the motto of this cover band that regularly performs in concerts across the country and abroad. The singer Alana is part of the band; guitarist Nuno Ferreira, drummer José Jorge and Fábio Rodrigues on bass. The quality of the musicians and the repertoire performed to guarantee a night full of entertainment.

A cycle of DJ Sets
The entertainment program at Lounge D offers a cycle of DJ Sets. Dj Fonz will be performing on the 7th, followed by DJ David Fortes on the 14th, and DJ Nuno Garcia on the 21st. In turn, DJ Nuno Costa will be the protagonist on the 28th. The festive atmosphere is assured, on Saturdays, from 23 hours.

The Moonwalkers Concert
Lounge D will host, on the 13th of March, at 11 pm, The Moonwalkers. With very own arrangements, this cover band interprets numerous national and international pop/rock compositions that have conquered several generations.

Concerts from Rogério Gil
With a versatile record, Rogério Gil returns, on March 26, at 10:30 pm, to Lounge D to recover successes that marked the panorama of light music, fado, pop, rock, blues and bossa nova. In the “Juke Box” version, the performer invites the audience to select the songs they want to hear.

Concert by Rui Faria & Sandra Gonçalves
Lounge D proposes the show “Let’s Shake You All Night Long: Mega Rock Anthems” which will be starring Rui Faria & Sandra Gonçalves. With wide experience, this duo performed, participated and shared several shows across the country, having worked with countless relevant artists of Portuguese music and television. The meeting is scheduled for March 27, at 11 pm.

Max Costa Concert
The Brazilian musician Max Costa will return, on the 20th of March, at 11 pm to Lounge D. Launched in 2017, the disc “The Storyteller” is the motto for an interactive concert with the public. “She’s the devil” and “Pretty Girl” will be some of the featured compositions.

Schedule in March
– Fado Cycle: Wednesdays: Days 4, 11, 18 and 25
– Flamenco Cycle: Thursdays: Days 5, 12 and 19
– MT80 Concert: Day 6
– A cycle of Dj Sets: Days 7, 14 and 21 and 28
– The Moonwalkers Concert: Day 13
– Max Costa Concert: Day 20
– Rogério Gil’s Concert: Day 26
– Concert by Rui Faria & Sandra Gonçalves: Day 27

Access to Casino Estoril is free, and from 10 pm, it is for people over 14 years old, and over 10 years old accompanied by their parents. In the game areas, it is for over 18 years.

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