Fado Bicha present new single “Fogo na Casa”

FOGO NA CASA is a song by Fado Bicha, Cigarra and JUDAS, based on the original “Fogo na Casa”, which is part of the duo’s acclaimed debut album, OCUPAÇÃO. The video was shot by Marie Fages during a photo session by Daryan Dornelles, a Brazilian photographer who has already photographed prominent figures such as Chico Buarque, Fernanda Montenegro, Gilberto Gil, Elza Soares or Maria Bethânia.

In 2016, German philosopher Bini Adamczak proposed the creation of a neologism that serves physics and mechanics as well as queer and feminist studies – circlusion.
This new word names an action for which many languages, such as German and Portuguese, did not have a name: the antonym, opposite or complementary action of penetration. That which DOES the thing or person being penetrated (because it does something!). Your agency, in active voice and not just what is done to you by others – which is particularly important when we think about the penetration that occurs in sex, since everyone involved is expected to play an active part. If not, it’s not sex.

FOGO NA CASA makes a claim for a place of power in circulation. A place of enjoyment of the body, pleasure and desire to be penetrated, with an active verb. The version that is released today, June 2, 2023, in celebration of the album’s first anniversary, is a remix, a re-recording, a reinterpretation and a new collaboration all at the same time. The new approach integrates elements of trap and drum and bass and amplifies the voice play and groans and the original bass line – intensifying the sensuality and tear of the music and opening the door to the dance floor. In addition to including a rap by JUDAS and a two-part chorus, even more punk than the original.

FOGO NA CASA also kicks off the new album to be released by Fado Bicha, after the summer of this year – REOCUPAÇÃO. An album that brings together reinterpretations and remixes of the 2022 album, new collaborations, songs that were left out of the lineup and some originals that document this first year of OCUPAÇÃO for Fado Bicha.

After two international shows in which they performed OCUPAÇÃO live in Gijón, Asturias and Paris, Fado Bicha will take to the stage of the Coliseu Porto Ageas on the 14th of June for a concert as part of the celebrations of the 40th Anniversary of Balleteatro and on the 24th of June play live in Torres Vedras.

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