Fado by the sea at the Montepio Festival in Cascais

Fado returns to Cascais for three memorable nights at the Montepio Fado Cascais Festival, an event supported by TQ – Travel Quality, a reference group in the business travel sector and event organization.

From September 20 to 22, Cascais will be the stage of this event for the third consecutive year, featuring performances by major artists of national and international renown.

Raquel Tavares, Carminho and Marta Pereira da Costa are some of the big names in the music scene who will perform these three nights of great emotions, especially dedicated to lovers of Fado.

Elevated to Intangible Heritage by UNESCO in 2011, Fado is the soul of the Portuguese people.

A pillar of national identity, this musical style, usually sung by a single singer and accompanied by a guitar and a Portuguese guitar, explores recurring themes such as love, the past, death, sadness or exile.

In addition to celebrating this symbol of Portuguese culture, the Montepio Fado Cascais Festival invites visitors to enjoy Portuguese cuisine, one of the richest in the world, challenging the palate while enjoying wonderful performances on a second stage in the restaurant area.

We are proud to be associated with events that praise the most typical and striking elements of Portuguese cultural heritage, such as Fado. Thus, for the third consecutive year, TQ – Travel Quality supports the 2019 edition of the Montepio Fado Cascais Festival, an event where you can enjoy an absolutely fabulous sea view to the sound of our traditional Fado, a privilege and a must-see opportunity that will surely be in your memory, ”says Alexandra Henriques, Marketing Director of TQ – Travel Quality.

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