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Fado is love, a tribute full of nostalgia, love and affection

Altice Arena

On the day when one of the greatest voices of fado would turn 82, December 21, 2021, the Altice Arena was full for the concert “Fado é Amor”, in homage to Carlos do Carmo, who left on January 1 of this year, but it will always be with us.

António Serrano, Agir, Camané, Carminho, Dino d’Santiago, Jorge Palma, Mariza, Marco Rodrigues, Pedro Abrunhosa, Tito Paris and Ricardo Ribeiro, and of course those who always accompanied him could not miss, José Manuel Neto on Portuguese guitar, Carlos Manuel Proença on fado viola and Marino de Freitas on bass are the artists who performed in this unique and unforgettable concert.

Advertised as a concert that wanted “to bring together, on what would be his birthday, some of the biggest names in Portuguese Music, artists from different generations and different musical styles, with whom the fado singer has crossed paths during his long and historic career, and pay him the best tribute that could be done to him”, which was completely achieved.

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António Serrano, a classical Spanish harmonica player, opened the concert, which in his words was an honour and a privilege, played melodies celebrated by Carlos do Carmo. Marco Rodrigues sang “Por Morrer um Andorinha” and Tito Paris, “Lua nha Testemunha”, a morna, dedicated to Carlos do Carmo, as Tito says he doesn’t know how to sing fado.

This was followed by “Estrela da Tarde” by Ricardo Ribeiro and “Júlia Florista” by Mariza’s voice, Camané performed “Vim para o Fado e Fica” and Carminho’sO que Sobrou de um Queixume” (fado that gives its name to the concert “Fado é amor/Que sobrou d’algum queixume”).

Among singers from different generations, the show travelled through songs that we all know, and sometimes the audience listened in total silence, but also others followed the artists who passed by the stage, singing and applauding.

Agir sang two songs, “Olhos Garotos” accompanied on the piano and “O Homem das Castanhas”, followed by Pedro Abrunhosa with a version of “Fado do Campo Grande” on piano and “Manhã” – a song he wrote for Carlos do Carmo in 1995.

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António Serrano returned with a new Medley in the company of José Manuel Neto, Carlos Manuel Proença and Marino de Freitas, the great Jorge Palma then enters the stage and greets, one by one, the also great musicians who accompanied Carlos do Carmo and performs “Canção de Vida”, the song he was invited to compose for Carlos do Carmo, and which took many years to deliver, followed by “Homem na Cidade”.

Dino D’Santiago, with instrumental playback, sang his own version of “Os Putos”, then returned Tito Paris, with another morna, “Bejo de Sodade”, then Marco Rodrigues with “Bairro Alto”, Ricardo Ribeiro with “Canoas do Tejo”, Carminho with “Gaivota”, Camané sang “Duas Lágrimas de Orvalho” and Mariza sang “Loucura”, but before the concert ended, the Lisbon anthem “Lisboa Menina e Moça” could not be missing, with everyone on stage .

Winner of the Latino Grammy for Career, in 2014, among other awards, he has been on the main world stages, at the Olympia, in Paris, at the Frankfurt Opera, in Germany, at the ‘Canecão‘, in Rio de Janeiro, and also at the Royal Albert Hall, in London.

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He represented Portugal at the Eurovision Song Contest, in 1976 with “Flor de Verde Pinho“, with a homonymous poem by Manuel Alegre.

A wonderful concert that celebrated life, work, man, the ambassador of fado and Portugal.
Thanks, Carlos do Carmo

Concert setlist

  • Solo – by António Serrano
  • Por morrer uma andorinha – by Marco Rodrigues
  • Lua nha Testemunha – by Tito Paris
  • Estrela da tarde – by Ricardo Ribeiro
  • Júlia Florista – by Mariza
  • Vim para o fado e fiquei – by Camané
  • O que sobrou de um queixume – by Carminho
  • Olhos garotos – by Agir
  • Homem das castanhas – by Agir
  • Manhã – by Pedro Abrunhosa
  • Fado campo grande – by Pedro Abrunhosa
  • Medley instrumental – by Trio de Fado e António Serrano
  • Canção da vida – by Jorge Palma
  • Um homem na cidade – by Jorge Palma
  • Os putos – by Dino d’Santiago (playback instrumental)
  • Bejo de Sodade – by Tito Paris
  • Bairro Alto – by Marco Rodrigues
  • Canoas do Tejo – by Ricardo Ribeiro
  • Gaivota – by Carminho
  • Duas lágrimas de orvalho – by Camané
  • Loucura – by Mariza
  • Lisboa menina e moça – All

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