Fado Food Fest with good fado and good food

The 1st edition of Fado Food Fest was held in Seixal with the 1st day full of good fado, good food despite a cold and windy night.

Despite the time the public attended the first night of the Fado Food Fest, with many areas to eat and drink, during the afternoon and evening, there were reasons to join the festival.

The shows did not disappoint on the first day of the festival, with Helder Moutinho, who soon enlivened the audience, followed by Ana Laíns who with great joy and good disposition, made spectators sing and participate in the performance.

The day ended with Cuca Rosetta, the head of the poster for the first day, who sang themes well known to the public, which he returned with affection and applause.

Had it not been the unpleasant weather, it made the less courageous run home, and the first day would have been fantastic.

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