Fado Museum initiates Portuguese Guitar Workshop on Tuesday

The Fado Museum, in Lisbon, inaugurates on Tuesday the Portuguese Guitar Workshop, where a workshop on instrument construction and various workshops will be held from May to September.

The project, explained the director of the museum, Sara Pereira, “is to give tools and knowledge of areas as different as varnishes, the type of glue to use, fans [the end of the guitar, where the strings are attached], the history of the guitar, the wood, its behavior in the construction of the instrument, the organology, so that [the participants] develop this art in a consolidated way.

This office is part of the Fado classification as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity (2011), and “it is an important and fundamental step to safeguard this heritage, and to deepen fields of study that have not been properly developed.

They will learn how to build Portuguese guitars, some violas, and have learning for the initiates and also a level of improvement,” told Sara Pereira, noting that the workshop “marks the return of this traditional art to the historic centre of Lisbon” in the neighbourhood of Alfama.

The workshop will have construction sites, film projections, consultation posts about ‘guitarists’ (guitar builders) and guitarists, and a shop for the sale of instruments and accessories for the Portuguese guitar.

The area of ​​the specialized training, around the elements of the Portuguese guitar, will include courses of fan construction, carving of scrolls (the ending of the arm in the form of snail or teardrop), the modeling of the sides (lateral part that makes the connection between the top and the back), the grinding, polishing, application of scale and tackle, conservation and restoration, among other subjects.

The faculty includes guitarists, guitar players, carvers, conservation and restoration technicians, musicians and researchers.

Guitars Gilberto Grácio and Óscar Cardoso, guitarist Pedro Caldeira Cabral and Rita Marcelino, the only woman who builds fans for Portuguese guitar, are some of the trainers of the studios.

This workshop is “a tribute to the two great traditional schools in the art of construction of the Portuguese guitar, that of Gilberto Grácio and that of Óscar Cardoso, initiated by Álvaro da Silveira,” said the official.

The workshop, said Sara Pereira, intends to become part of the art education system.

The opening of the workshop on Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. will feature the performances of two guitars orchestras: the first, directed by Pedro de Castro, on Rua de S. Pedro, “which will have dozens of instrumentalists, each one with his instrument from different schools, “and at 7:00 pm at Largo do Chafariz de Dentro, also in Alfama, one of seven guitarists led by Paulo Soares.

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