Fado Night at Estoril Casino with Gonçalo Castelbranco and Catarina Rocha

The cycle of fado continues to be featured on the Estoril Lounge D’s musical entertainment nights. Gonçalo Castelbranco and Catarina Rocha will host, next Wednesday, 8 and January, at 10 pm, an intimate show. The singers will be accompanied by Diogo Lucena Quadros on guitar, Luís Roquette on guitar and Francisco Gaspar on bass guitar. Admission is free.

Gonçalo Castelbranco Gonçalo Castelbranco has participated in several musical shows, both in Portugal and abroad, having been applauded for his leading role in the musical “O Nazareno”.

The fadista roots are present in his voice, largely due to his family ties to Friar Hermano da Câmara. For the past two years, he has been a regular at the “Arredar Bar”, a historic fado house in Cascais, which has been restored to the region’s great fado nights, and where Gonçalo Castelbranco was the resident artist.

Catarina Rocha

Catarina Rocha found in fado a naked truth in the words. He started singing fado in 2012 and having performed all over the country. In 2016, he recorded his first record work. Produced by Diogo Clemente, his debut album “Luz”, was attended by renowned musicians at Fado, such as: Marino de Freitas – Bass, Vicky Marques – Percussion, Valter Roll – Keyboards, Guilherme Banza – Portuguese Guitar .

The singer recently released the second single – Coin de Troca (with video clip) written by Tiago Torres da Silva and with music by Manuel Graça Pereira, which has been a success, and the audience has loved both the music and the expressiveness and the voice of the fadista.

Fado nights at Lounge D continue with Maria Vicente and João Guiomar on the 15th, followed by Maria da Nazaré and António Passão on the 22nd. Gonçalo Castelbranco and Matilde Antunes take the stage on 29th January.

Access to Casino Estoril is free, and from 10 pm, it is for over 14 years, and over 10 years accompanied by parents. In the areas of play is
for over 18 years.

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