Fado singers Tânia Oleiro and Marco Oliveira begin day 1 tour through the USA

“Fadistas” Tânia Oleiro and Marco Oliveira begin a tour of four American stages on Thursday, having already exhausted the concert at Elebash Recital Hall in New York, was released today.

“We will interleave themes from the debut album by Tânia [Oleiro], ‘Terços de Fado’, for which I composed ‘Nova Roda da Mouraria’, and which we will include in the lineup, and themes from my second CD, ‘Amor é Água that runs, ‘”said Marco Oliveira.

For Tânia Oleiro this tour is a premiere on the American stages; Marco Oliveira has already performed in the United States in 2013.

“I went as a musician, with the viola, to accompany two greats, Beatriz da Conceição (1939-2015) and Rodrigo, and, in alignment, I started to sing,” said Marco Oliveira.

Marco Oliveira sings and accompanies the viola in this North American state of Rhode Island, and in addition to Tânia Oleiro, the musician Sandro Costa also appears on the Portuguese guitar.

The tour kicks off Thursday at the Park Theater in Cranston, Rhode Island, and continues the next day at Elebash Recital Hall in New York, heading to City Hall in Peabody, Massachusetts. , ends Monday in Washington, where he takes to the stage of the JF Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

The musicologist Rui Vieira Nery, author of ‘For a History of Fado …’, affirms that every fado that Tania Oleiro sings “becomes important – for her, who gives us everything she has, like an unbalanced drummer, and for us who are clung by this gift. ”

‘Terços de Fado’, released last year, is the debut album by Tânia Oleiro who has sung for about 17 years and has been part of the cast of a resident of different houses of fado in Lisbon.

Vieira Nery confided in the text that accompanies the CD: “What has always trapped me in Tania Oleiro, over the last few years in which I have listened to her so often, always with increasing admiration, was, first and foremost, her integrity, as a fadista, his absolute dedication to the narrative of each poem and to the design of each melody, as if it was, at that precise moment, the sole purpose of his life and how to accept the price of this total surrender to each fate as an ethical imperative uncontrollable “.

“And so every fado she sings becomes important – for her, who gives us everything she has, like a baler without a net, and for us, who are seized by this gift, and let ourselves be carried away by the privilege so that in some way he could participate, word for word, note the note, in that crossing of risk, “adds Nery, who was a consultant to Fado’s candidacy for classification as an Intangible Heritage by UNESCO.

Marco Oliveira told, which plans to record, in 2019, his third album, also in the United States. The new CD will follow ‘Amor é Água que Corre’, in which he recorded ‘Prelude of farewell’, composition of his own, ‘Song of Faith’, which signs the lyrics and music, and still from ‘Fado à Janela’ ‘Valsa da Despissão’ and ‘Avenidas’, some of the themes that will present on the North American stage.

‘Cantiga’, a poem by Cabral do Nascimento, with his music, the poems ‘Elegia da Saudade’, in the melody of Fado Saudade by Daniel Martins, and ‘Desenlace’, with music by Pedro Rodrigues, are other themes Marco de Oliveira will play on this tour.

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