Fado returns to Castelo through the voice of Ricardo Ribeiro

A night to remember

In the month of the Festas de Lisboa, fado returned to Castelo de São Jorge, with the Tagus at its feet under the light of the stars, the space filled up to hear this fado singer, owner of an unmistakable voice.

Fado has I don’t know what, it captures the soul of the people, each one is for what they are born and I was born to fado” it was with these words that the fado singer opened the night at the castle, continued singing ‘Olhos Estranhos‘ by Pedro Moutinho.

Ricardo Ribeiro > Castelo de São Jorge ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews < 2022.06.17

Ricardo Ribeiro also adds that “it is an immense joy to be here, between the sky and the Tagus, there is no city more beautiful than this one…“, to which the public responded with a huge round of applause.

Themes like ‘Nos Dias de Hoje‘ with lyrics by To Zé Brito, ‘Estrada da Vida‘ by João Nobre, ‘Fado Menor‘ and ‘Fado Corrido‘ by Fernando Farinha and ‘Moreninha da Travessa‘, enchanted the audience present.

Concert with the signature of Egeac, Museu do Fado, and Castelo de São Jorge, with Ricardo Ribeiro, one of the biggest names in fado today, which counted on the mastery of the musicians, José Manuel Neto, on the Portuguese guitar, Carlos Manuel Proença, on the viola de fado and Daniel Pinto, on bass.

Ricardo Ribeiro > Castelo de São Jorge ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews < 2022.06.17

The concert also had a special guest, the jazz pianist João Paulo Esteves da Silva, on a night that fado was the King of the Castle.

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