Famalicão beats Mafra and guarantees last place in the quarterfinals

The meeting was marked by the intense rain that forced the postponement of its start over an hour. The bad weather around the country, the result of the Elsa Depression, caused a real ‘flood’, which forced the referee team led by Luís Godinho to postpone the start.

The heavy rains led to the postponement of the game being placed on the table, but it eventually came to a halt, and the match that should have started at 8.30 pm started at 21:45.

After the bad weather caused by the Elsa Depression, João Pedro Sousa’s team started well in the match, but Vasco Seabra’s men showed that, despite being in a lower division, they were in Famalicão to discuss the outcome of the coming match. to suffer another mischief. Shortly after half an hour, the meeting was interrupted by Luis Godinho due to a lack of lighting.

After a balanced first half, Famalicão demonstrated their superiority on the field and opened the scoring after 52 minutes by Pedro Gonçalves. Anderson fired a powerful shot at Mafra’s goal post and Pedro Gonçalves pushed deep into Chastre’s net.

A few minutes later, at 60 ‘, the home side increased their lead through Diogo Gonçalves. Pedro Gonçalves won the duel with an opponent and isolated the Benfica loaner to the second for the famalicenses who ended the match with one less due to the expulsion of Roderick Miranda.

Toni Martínez set the final score 90 + 4 minutes after a penalty was awarded for Chastre’s foul on the Spanish striker.

With this victory, Famalicão joins Benfica, FC Porto, Rio Ave, Canelas, Academic Viseu, Varzim and Paços Ferreira in the draw of the quarterfinals of the race that takes place next Monday.

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