Famalicão will have a campus of Professional and Artistic Education

The city of Vila Nova de Famalicão will have a Campus for Vocational and Artistic Education in the heart of the school zone, an infrastructure that represents an investment of 6.5 million euros, the municipality announced today.

Câmara de Famalicão explains that the new Valencia will be executed by ARTEMAVE – Association of Promotion of Arts and Music of Vale do Ave, owner of ARTAVE – Escola Profissional Artística do Vale do Ave, and by INFORARTIS – Institute of Artistic Training of Vale do Ave, owner of the CCM – Music Culture Center, and the municipality will support the project with two million euros.

According to the municipality, “in practice, the granting of this subsidy (…) provides for the transfer of funds currently borne by the municipality with the rental of the school’s current facilities, in the street Adriano Pinto Basto, for the new equipment, where it will be born, among other valences, the new school facilities of ARTAVE / CCM “.

The money will be allocated in monthly tranches of eight thousand euros, over 232 months (over 19 years), and will take effect as soon as ARTAVE and CCM start to occupy the new facilities.

“The municipality will guarantee a new educational and cultural equipment of excellence and with an educational institution of international reference associated, without paying more for this,” points out the Câmara de Famalicão.

“What the local authority is doing is to approve the continuity of the financial support that we currently give to this professional and artistic school of the county, but to redirect it now exclusively for the construction of its new facilities”, underlines in the text the president of the autarchy, Paulo Cunha.

The protocol also provides for the transfer of the space of the former Cegonheira acquired by the municipality, under surface regime, to ARTEMAVE and INFORARTIS for a period of 50 years.

With this process, says Paulo Cunha, “ARTAVE wins, which has excellent conditions to continue consolidating its educational project, but also wins the entire county, which now has a new cultural space, a new auditorium and a noble area of the city rehabilitated “.

The new ‘Campus’ of Vocational and Artistic Education will be composed of classrooms, administrative areas and auditorium areas.

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