Family fun and environmental sustainability featured at Serralves Autumn Party

Good environmental practices and waste and pollution management were highlighted at the 11th edition of the Serralves Autumn Festival, with thousands of visitors evaluating the event very positively (overall satisfaction of 4.51 out of 5). The results were obtained by the Research Center of ISAG – European Business School (NIDISAG), which, for the 6th consecutive time, applied more than 1,000 surveys during the two days of the event.

The combination of environment, family, art, and nature was highlighted in this issue. Visitors point out the quality and diversity of the program, the possibility of family life, the fact that “Ser Serralves” and the contact with art and nature are the main reasons for attending the 2019 Autumn Festival.


The event is pointed by the public as having an important contribution to the image and reputation of Serralves (4.63 out of 5), as well as the city (4.59 out of 5), promoting cultural diversity, arts, and performances (4.52 out of 5). 5) and tourism (4.44 out of 5). Visitors identify the Autumn Festival with a high contribution to the environment, from the perspective of its protection and enhancement (4.50 out of 5) and also to environmental sustainability (4.44 out of 5). The main points of satisfaction of this edition include the quality and diversity of program activities (4.43 out of 5), attendance (4.44 out of 5), as well as the environmental practices promoted at the event (4.44 out of 5) and waste and pollution management policies (4.46 out of 5).


This edition attracted new audiences, with the majority (61.3%) indicating that they did not participate in the previous edition. The Autumn Festival saw an increase in visitors of foreign nationality (29.1% of the total, an increase of 11 pp compared to the 2018 edition) and an increase in the number of residents living outside the Metropolitan Area. Porto (37% of residents in Portugal, an increase of 17 pp over 2018). These data allow us to conclude that the Autumn Festival has become a cultural option not only for the Portuenses but also for the national and foreign public.


The answers were given mainly by family groups (67.8%) and groups of friends (23.8%), revealing an event of conviviality and strengthening of family ties, with the opportunity to live and recover traditions. The success is reflected with the overwhelming majority of the public indicating that they intend to return next year (80.5%).

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