Family-run marble company sells 3 million euros/year to Beijing

Mocapor, a family-owned marble company from Alcanede, entered China in 1998, a market that now accounts for 30% of the turnover, equivalent to three million euros, the manager said.

The Chinese market represents about three million euros a year. It is a market in which we if we wanted to, could grow … We do not want to be completely focused on this market, we sell what we want to the Chinese market,” he said. the person in charge of the management and commercial area of the marble company, Francisco Luís.

The company’s relationship with the Chinese market in Santarém dates back to 1998 when it was approached by Asian entrepreneurs themselves.

There was an annual fair in Verona [Italy] where companies are exposed. Paris is the fashion capital, just as Italy is the fashion capital of the stone,” he said.

However, according to the official, although China is not an easy market, it is alert to competition.

If a potential customer sees a new product, it’s not easy to get it to buy, but if I say, ‘Be aware that here’s another company that’s buying me too,’ then it’s easier to persuade the customer,” exemplified.

The Chinese market represents around 30% of Mocapor’s turnover, a figure that the company expects to surpass 2019.

There has been a demand for some products that, until now, were not traditional for the Chinese market, which makes me expect that next year will be of equal growth and may even reach values higher than those registered, because the conditions and prospects of work [in China] are, frankly, positive,” he said.

At stake is the purchase of marbles in darker shades, a trend that was traditionally reserved for the European and American markets.

Founded more than 30 years ago, the family genesis company is also present in countries such as Australia, France, Italy, Germany, United States, Colombia, Brazil and Russia.

Currently, Mocapor has seven own farms, developing the processing and transformation of the raw material to the final product.

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