Fans create the Música da Casa movement to promote concerts

Música da Casa is an independent movement created by music fans who came together to promote paid concerts.

[dropcap type=”default”]A[/dropcap]t this time of so much uncertainty, a group of music lovers decided to organize themselves with a single objective: to raise money to be able to enjoy concerts. Not that they were tired of watching concerts for free on social media, but because they think that this situation is not sustainable for musicians, nor does it value art.

And if musicians can’t manage to survive in their profession, it is music fans who lose the most. Basically, combine the useful with the pleasant: fans will have access to concerts, and musicians will do paid concerts.

In the near future, the concerts will be essentially online, in streaming, but its objective is to organize live concerts, when all the legal and public health conditions are met, according to the restriction rules caused by the pandemic COVID-19, which allow their realization.

A Facebook page and an account on the Patreon Platform were created, with an option for 3 types of monthly fees. The initial is 5 € plus VAT and will provide at least 2 to 4 online concerts per month.

When the concerts are live, the monthly fee also guarantees access to concerts. The other monthly fees include some extra “benefits”, such as t-shirts, records, more concerts, choice of bands, socializing with musicians, etc.

It is a non-profit initiative and whose name refers to the fact that we are (almost) all at home, in an obvious pun with Casa da Música.

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