Fans created with Decathlon diving masks

The Italian company Isinnova was already developing to help hospital units at a time when the Covid-19 pandemic is severely striking the country. But a doctor challenged the technology further and adapted the Decathlon diving masks to be used as ventilators. And there is good news: the project had an effect.

Isinnova started creating fan valves for 3D printing in about six hours. As for the masks, the story began to draw when an Italian doctor, Renato Favero, came into contact with a company and proposed that it help to overcome one of the main problems that the health systems faced: lack of ventilators for those hospitalized in intensive care and receives this type of medical device.

The former director of Hospital Gardone Valtrompia then offers the company that adapts Decathlon diving masks for use as ventilators. Immediate access has contacted the supplier, who is available to cooperate, supply or design the ‘Easybreath’ masks. The product, as revealed by its own company on its page, was dismantled and changed.

The prototype was then tested at the Chiari Hospital in Brescia, the test was successful and doctors were excited about the result. However, reveals the company, this product was designed to be applied in hospital units in emergency situations to face the shortage of official equipment, namely ventilators. The equipment is not certified by Isinnova, and its use is subject to acceptance by the patient, who must sign a declaration that he agrees to use a non-certified biomedical device.

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