Faro creates a Summer Cookbook for seniors

Even with the “Senior Program” interrupted due to the pandemic, Faro continues to accompany and support the senior citizens of the municipality. The most recent project is a cookbook, prepared by the Elderly Support Office of the municipality, with the support of Provectus and the Prato Certo project, entitled “Fresh Cuisine for Seniors”.

Aware that the feeding of the elderly is a concern, especially with the arrival of high temperatures, the Elderly Support Office created this project that presents food suggestions and proposals that include, for example, the need to drink water. To increase your consumption, dozens of recipes are suggested to make the summer fresher and healthier for everyone, for example, flavored waters, among others.

This book has already been sent by mail to about 250 elderly residents of the municipality who have been in contact with the Municipality’s Department of Social Development and Education for the past two years. The remaining elderly residents may request the book at that service, located at Praça José Afonso, in Faro.

It is recalled that, due to the pandemic, the Municipality of Faro was forced to interrupt the “Faro Senior Program” and the various face-to-face activities it promoted among the elderly. However, the Elderly Support Office sought alternative answers to circumvent the fact that it cannot be physically close to seniors and thus help to solve their problems.

During the period of confinement, the elderly who were previously related to the services on previous occasions and referred to food support or other types of support were contacted in all situations that justified it.

Teleassistance equipment was also installed and dozens of cards were awarded to obtain medication free of charge. The elderly alone are also monitored weekly, by telephone, and the sending of games and activities to the home of these residents was started in order to remain intellectually active.

With the various initiatives, the Elderly Support Office of the Municipality seeks to fight loneliness and encourage the promotion of a healthier life (physical and mental) among the older population in the municipality.

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