Farra Fanfarra celebrate 15 years with new show and album

“Born to be Wild” is the first single from the new album Puzzle that accompanies Farra Fanfarra’s 15-year celebration show.

It’s a rock n’ roll theme that intends to reflect a little on how the band’s life has been on the road throughout their career, and has the special participation of guitarist Carlos Godinho.

Farra Fanfarra celebrates fifteen years of their career in 2021 with the presentation of the new show Puzzle, which has the support of DGArtes and the Ministry of Portuguese Culture, accompanied by the release of the album with the same name, Puzzle, which will be published on the 28th. of January 2022.

Able to bring the strength and joy of music to all contexts and situations, Farra Fanfarra celebrates in 2021 fifteen years on the streets, small and large stages, vans, festivals, Ferris wheels, convertibles, parades and celebrations. The strength of the rhythm shares the stage with various circus acts, making each Farra Fanfarra performance a unique and unpredictable event.

Puzzle is a creative amalgamation that, through music, theater, circus and humor, results in a moment of pure entertainment, designed for all ages. The sound conveys the band’s intercultural character, while the permanent animation emphasizes what distinguishes Farra Fanfarra: the euphoria and the musical and circus character.

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