Fat Freddy’s Drop announces Ladi6 as special guest for the show in Lisbon

Fat Freddy’s Drop announces Ladi6 as a special guest at the presentation concert of the new album “Special Edition Part 1” on March 29th at Campo Pequeno in Lisbon.

Queen of neo-soul, Ladi6 is a veteran of Fat Freddy’s Drop tours, and has collaborated with the band on “Roady” from their debut album “Based On A True Story”. The artist earned a reputation with her group Verse Two and was quickly considered one of New Zealand’s premier MCs.

The presentation tour of the new original work will begin on November 10, 2019 in Ireland, with travel through the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Czech Republic, Poland, Switzerland, Italy, France, and Spain, ending in Portugal. March 29, 2020.

This new work follows the acclaimed “Based on a True Story” (2005), “Dr. Boondigga & the Big BW” (2009), “Blackbird” (2013) and “Bays” (2015). Singles on this new album such as “Special Edition”, “Trickle Down”, “Kamo Kamo” and “114” have already been shared with fans at last year’s live shows.

The group now has 500,000 albums sold, over 158,000 Streamings on Spotify and thousands of concerts worldwide. The band is made up of seven musicians and began as a jam band in the late 1990s. Their style is unmistakable thanks to the strong sound personality that results from the fusion of dub, reggae, soul and jazz, ensuring an energetic live presence.


Campo Pequeno || March 29th, 2020

Standing Audience * 30,00 €
Countertop * € 34,00
Gallery 1 * € 25,00
Gallery 2 * € 22,00
First Box *€ 34,00
2nd Box * € 22,00
Disabled Mobility * € 25,00


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