Fátima Lopes celebrates 41st parade in Paris

On Tuesday, designer Fatima Lopes will hold her 41st consecutive fashion show during the Paris Fashion Week with an event at the Portuguese Embassy in the French capital, presenting her fall/winter collection.

In an event parallel to the official calendar, Fatima Lopes will present her collection at the Embassy of Portugal in Paris, deciding to “pay homage to her country and its origins”, in a collection that the designer defines as “Made in Portugal” and intends show the national traditions, but also a modern Portugal, according to press release.

Fátima Lopes marks the 20 years of presentations in Paris, where she was also the first Portuguese designer to attend.

Still, on the theme of the anniversary, Fatima Lopes will present 41 matches that represent her 41 parades in the French capital. There will be wool/cashmere coats, draped velvet silk dresses and the colours will be black, white, blue pointing, some patterns and still earth tones like green and brown.

As the motto of this collection indicates, the pieces are inspired by several aspects of the national culture such as the Portuguese sidewalk, the sea or the saudade.

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