FC Porto beats and eliminates Santa Clara

The Elsa Depression was felt in the match between FC Porto and Santa Clara (1-0), played on Thursday night and referring to the eighth final of the Portuguese Cup, which ended the passage to the next phase of the proof queen.

The heavy rain did not give respite to the Dragon, but only in the second part caused damage in the meeting between blues and whites and Azoreans.

In the first 45 minutes, FC Porto managed to create some danger from goal by André Ferreira’s guard and on 29 minutes reached the goal through Shoya Nakajima. The move sparked controversy as Santa Clara’s players complained about Corona’s foul on Mamadu before the Mexican international assisted his Japanese side.

In the second half, the pitch was flooded and the ball was barely able to circulate between the players, which explains the lack of opportunities and reasons of interest in a game whose result did not change until the final whistle.

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