FC Porto beats Benfica and is 4 pts. behind

FC Porto beat Benfica, 3-2, in this duel on the 20th round of the Portuguese League, which allowed football lovers to enjoy a first half to remember later.

On the sidelines of the four goals that went up to the marker: first by Sérgio Oliveira, in a half-round shot, then by Carlos Vinícius, in an amendment over the goal line and, in a third act, through a penalty converted by Alex Telles, for the outcome of number three on the blue and white scoreboard is closed with an own goal by Rúben Dias.

In a second part, not as electric as the first, with less emotion and fewer goals, the maximum exponent turned out to be Carlos Vinícius’s [14th goal in Portuguese League], after Rafa’s heel, which had been superiorly served by a long pass from Rúben Dias.

Note in this Classic for the presence of Pepe, who was once again bet by Sérgio Conceição, after injury. If defending the Portuguese international had an almost excellent display, in the last third of the playing field he limped on two striking occasions at the edge of the goal. With no opponents ahead, and only Marchesín as an opponent, he twice deflected the round on the side.

In a duel where FC Porto was effectively better, benefiting from more opportunities than the opponent, greater possession of the ball, more shots and a control of the game that in the initial stage was greater, we would even say greater than his opponent, the second part brought a more dominant eagle, but it acted fruitlessly, without causing major damage to Marchesín’s goal.

Thus Benfica breaks a record of 17 games without losing, for all competitions, breaking the dragons a negative split of five meetings without winning in the receptions to the eagles.

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