FC Porto beats Vitoria SC and is in the final with Braga

It will be FC Porto to keep Sp. Braga company in the League Cup final. The dragons stamped their presence in the meeting next Saturday after beating Vitória SC, this Wednesday, in the Municipal of Braga, by 2-1.

The start of the match started with the two teams looking each other in the eye and trying to assume the expenses of the match. However, it was up to the dragons to take the greatest initiative in view of the higher percentage of possession of the ball they were presenting. As the minutes went by, the balance dissipated and FC Porto began to put Vitória SC close to their big area, which was trying to create danger with their quick counterattacks.

In the first half in Braga, there was a lot of dispute, but not so much opportunity. Marega and Mbemba could still have FC Porto ahead in the scoring, just as Davidson could have done better when he shot unmarked in the heart of the big Porto area.

In the second half, Ivo Vieira’s team entered with a desire to have more ball. The balance turned out to be greater, but the number of goal opportunities soared.

The null was even only broken through a penalty. Soares fouled Bonatini, Jorge Sousa waited for VAR’s decision and signaled maximum punishment. Tapsoba, at 65 minutes, did not waste. Vitória SC put themselves in advantage, but … a minute later Alex Telles answered. ‘Bomb’ on the left side of the blues and whites and Douglas was beaten. FC Porto gained soul with this goal and it was with that same soul that it came to somersault on the scoreboard.

Jesús Corona unbalanced and assisted Soares for the second goal of the dragons. The Brazilian striker redeemed himself from the penalty committed and put FC Porto at an advantage. Vitória SC ran after the loss and already very close to the end, in compensation, made the party. However, the party that lasted only a few seconds. João Pedro fouled Diogo Costa and Jorge Sousa after seeing the bid in the VAR canceled the tie to Vitória SC.

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