FC Porto conquers Youth League

Dragons beat Chelsea 3-1 in the final and became European U19 champions for the first time in history.

FC Porto is at the top of the young football Europe! The Dragons won the UEFA Youth League on Monday after beating Chelsea 3-1 in the final of the competition. Fábio Vieira, Diogo Queirós and Afonso Sousa were the heroes who scored the goals of the blues and whites and secured the first European U19 title in history.

In the first part extremely well disputed and with several opportunities of goal from part to part, it was the English set the first to threaten the goal. After 8 minutes, Tariq Lamptey leapfrogged Tiago Lopes and served Conor Gallagher, who shot past him. Soon the next minute, again through the side, which was one of the great figures of the blues, the dragons returned to ‘shake’. In a set of chemical paper, jersey 2 returned to unbalance and to offer the goal, but, this time, the failure belonged to McCormick.

These two scares ‘agreed’ the commanders of Mario Silva and from here the meeting changed of the figure. At 14 ‘, Tomás Esteves discovered Fábio Silva and the sportsman, after overtaking goalkeeper Karlo Ziger, had no strength to put the ball in the bottom of the London net. The warning was given for what was to follow. At 18 ‘, Ángel Torres left an opponent behind, entered the area and crossed to the second post, where Fábio Vieira emerged, clear marking, to pull to the 1-0. FC Porto passed the front of the scoreboard in a play where a decisive factor was visible: effectiveness.

In advantage, the Invicta emblem was dominating the match, kept Chelsea away from the goal of Diogo Costa and could even have reached the second. After half an hour, João Mário shot cross, but the ball was inches from the post. Ziger was beaten! Until the break, the English still tried to reach the draw, pressed and got back on top in the game. At 42 ‘, Mor Ndiaye’s error almost’ erased ‘the painting, but Diogo Costa, attentively, left the poles and denied the goal to captain McCormick.

Confirmation of superiority

In the second half, FC Porto came in better, but it was Chelsea to draw. After a cross into the area, Diogo Costa came out false and Redan, opportune, reestablished equality, head. A cold eagle ‘bucket’ for the blues and whites, at a time when they were back in control.

However, the reaction to the disadvantage could not have been better. In the next minute, Ziger, with a fantastic intervention, denied the goal to Diogo Queirós, but after the corner, the London defence could not alleviate the danger, the goalkeeper defended to the front and the captain portista, with some luck, saw the ball hitting you and heading for the goal.

In order to refresh the team, Mário Silva moved, launched Afonso Sousa and Vítor Ferreira and ended up winning the bet shortly afterwards. At 74 ‘, Afonso Sousa started the game on the left side, received a fantastic pass from Baró heel and, first, on the right foot, beat Ziger for the third time, making the dream come true. FC Porto is the European Under-19 Champion!

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