FC Porto dominates Tottenham and is in the UEFA Youth League ‘quarters’

The players of Mário Silva decided the meeting at the beginning of the second part, with goals of the Colombian Angel Torres.

FC Porto’s under-19 side qualified for the fourth time in six editions for the quarter-finals of the UEFA Youth League in football on Tuesday as they beat Tottenham in the 2-0 win at Olival.

Mário Silva’s side ruled the match at the start of the second half, with goals from Colombian Angel Torres at 52 minutes and Romario Baró at 57 after Fábio Silva’s 3-pointer, referee.

In the ‘quarters’, where they fell in 2014/15 and 2016/17, the ‘dragons’ play again midfielder Danes or Manchester United England on 02 or 03 April in an attempt to repeat the semi-finals of 2017/18.

FC Porto went very well, playing in the Tottenham area and, after conquering the second corner, in the six minutes, Fábio Silva introduced the ball in the goal of the English, in a bid canceled by a non-existent offside.

By the break, the English equalized, with Fábio Silva coming close to the goal in 37 minutes and the Spurs have their only big occasion at 45 with Bennett capping and Diogo Costa defending, superiorly, with the left foot.

The English threatened again in the second half, in three corners in a row, but in the response, João Mário almost scored in the 50th minute, after weakening after isolating, and at 52, Angel Torres scored in the area, left standing with class.

Shortly after, in the 57th minute, the attack attacked Eyoma, with Fábio Silva recovering the ball and in a good position to score, touching to the side, for Romário Baró to target the deserted goal.

Tottenham still tried to re-enter the tie but FC Porto was closer to scoring again, with Fábio Silva at 59 and 68 minutes and Afonso Sousa at 76.

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