FC Porto lost in Barcelos

The dragons took the initiative but had difficulty creating danger for Gil. The match, played at a low pace, at one point Vítor Oliveira’s team awoke. He awoke and made the FC Porto goalkeeper save the team from the almost certain goal after 30 minutes.

The blues and whites responded, but Soares was a spendthrift against Denis. The match seemed to go into a smooth break, but after a corner for FC Porto came one of the capital throws of the match. Sérgio Oliveira falls in the area and Nuno Almeida signals penalty. However, after receiving a referral, the referee turns to VAR and, after viewing the bidding images, decides that Alex Pinto has not fouled the dragons’ midfielder. The teams took to the locker rooms tied to zero.

In the second half Gil Vicente left his fans in a rush. Joao Afonso isolated Lourency, who did not hesitate before Marchesín.

At 73 ‘, Rodrigo threw the ball with his hand, inside the great Gilista area, and Nuno Almeida signed a penalty after resorting to VAR. Alex Telles equalized and relaunched a game that was already running high.

Gil Vicente was determined to return triumphant and Kraev was huge after 77 minutes. Lourency made the pass and the 22-year-old Bulgarian midfielder welcomed, rolled and beat Marchesín for the second time, sealing the final score 2-1.

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