FC Porto wins at home with Tondela

FC Porto beat Tondela at Dragão on Monday 3-0. Tiquinho Soares’s double and Otavio’s goal stamped Blues and White’s triumph in their last Liga match in 2019 and helped FC Porto to concede yet another goalless draw at home – there are 12.

In a one-way match, Tiquinho Soares was lethal and at 32 minutes, the Invicta club already won 2-0. Tondela never managed to impose their game and the dragons dominated at their leisure all operations.

The third goal killed any hope of Beira and showed that in the blue and white team the attack can have a lot of perfume. An easy win for FC Porto, in a game with little history, that served for the Porto team to keep the four points distance to the leader Benfica.

At the moment, the dragons add up to 35 points, while the eagles are in 1st place with 39.


1º BENFICA 39 pts.
2º FC PORTO 35 pts.
3º SPORTING CP 26 pts.
4º FC FAMALICAO 24 pts.
5º GUIMARÃES 21 pts.

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