FCT NOVA highlights social impact projects on National Day of Scientific Culture

FCT NOVA – Faculty of Science and Technology of Universidade Nova de Lisboa – marks World Science Day, which is celebrated this Tuesday, November 24, highlighting ten among the various research projects that have been developed with the contribution college, throughout 2020, and with a real impact on our society.

Themes as distinct as sustainable medicines, the first screen produced with eco-sustainable materials, urban fires, including research carried out in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, translate into several projects recognized for their value, contribution and innovation.

Some of the projects developed at FCT NOVA throughout 2020:

  • INVISIBLE: led by FCT NOVA researcher and Vice-Rector of Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Elvira Fortunato, this project developed the first screen produced with sustainable eco materials.
  • PURE: European project coordinated by FCT NOVA that seeks to develop new and more affordable medicines of biological origin for the treatment of cancer and vaccination.
  • HomeSafe: technological solution developed by students that allows the monitoring of the physiological parameters of the elderly population residing in homes, and that allows the identification of COVID-19 symptoms in this population more efficiently.
  • Minimal emergency pressure controlled ventilator for COVID-19: This ventilator is intended for COVID-19 patients in the intensive care of NHS Hospitals, with a particular focus on Field Hospitals with the need for intrusive ventilation.
  • ICU4Covid Cyber-Physical Intensive Care Medical System for Covid-19: this project was qualified in the category of developing medical technologies and digital tools to improve detection, supervision and assistance to patients – thanks, among others, to the development of new devices that enable faster, cheaper and easier diagnostics and new technologies that protect healthcare workers.
  • IntegrAted SolutioNs for the DecarbOnization and Smartification of Islands (Ianos): this project aims to demonstrate, in real-life operational conditions, a set of technological and non-technological solutions adapted to the harsh conditions of the islands, on two lighthouse islands (Ameland, in the Netherlands, and Terceira, in Portugal), including a multiplicity of vectors of energy supply, storage and end use in different climatic and socioeconomic conditions.
  • AI-4-MUFF: the project’s mission is to analyze the phenomenon of urban fires through artificial intelligence and data science methodologies.
  • CAPonLITTER: the initiative aims to improve policies and practices that can help in the prevention of marine waste, namely what is generated and discarded by tourism and recreational activities in coastal areas, in particular plastic.
  • GLYCOVID-19 Testing existing glycan-based drugs to neutralize SARS-CoV-12: the project aims to test compounds based on glycans and convalescent plasma for their potential to neutralize the entry of SARS-CoV-2 during infection.
  • ODSlocal: a pioneering project worldwide, consisting of a digital platform that aims to promote good practices and civic participation in order to help municipalities to meet the sustainable development goals for 2030 defined by the UN.

FCT NOVA also highlights the international award recently awarded to researcher Elvira Fortunato, the only Portuguese among the winners of the ‘Women in Tech Global Awards 2020’.

This international award aims to distinguish women who worldwide stood out for innovation, inspiration and transformation in the technology sector, awarding five personalities in seven different categories, with the Portuguese researcher being awarded the “Global Leadership Woman in Tech Award”.

Still within the scope of the celebration of World Science Day, FCT NOVA developed the ‘Questions and Verás’ initiative, in which it challenged students to send their questions on the theme of Science and Technology, which will have the answers published on the 24th November, on the college’s social networks.

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